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Vegan Orange Chicken is a delicious plant based dinner made with chickpeas! Gluten free, healthy, delicious and done in 30 minutes!

A close up of healthy vegan orange chicken in a bowl filled with broccoli and rice

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I really don’t play favorites with my recipes.. or at least I try not to.. but whenever someone asks me what my favorite recipe from my site it, I always say it’s this Healthy Orange Chicken Recipe.

This recipe is extremely popular, with millions of people visiting it and hundreds of 5 star reviews.

We don’t want our vegan and vegetarian friends to miss out on this easy dinner that has minimal ingredients and is so full of flavor so we decided to make Vegan Orange Chicken!

Vegan orange chicken with a hand taking a bite with chopsticks out of the bowl

This vegan orange chicken is made with chickpeas but has a delicious sweet sauce that tastes just like takeout! There are tons of ways to customize it, but no matter how you make/serve it- it’s the perfect healthy meal!

What makes this dish healthy:

This dish is healthier than traditional takeout for a few reasons:

  • Plant Based-We are all for eating high quality animal protein, but many people enjoy meatless options. This recipe is great if you’re looking to eat less meat.
  • Refined sugar free – Many takeout recipes have lots of sugar in them. These chickpeas are sweetened with maple syrup!
  • Low Calorie – These chickpeas have under 400 calories for the whole meal with veggies!

Ingredients for healthy orange chickpeas:

To make healthy orange chickpeas you’ll need:

Ingredients for Vegan Orange Chickpeas in small white bowls on a grey background

There are many substitutions for this recipe listed below in the green shaded substitutions box!

How to make Vegan Orange Chicken:

Making vegetarian orange chicken is easy! We use canned chickpeas which cuts down on a ton of cooking time.

  1. Whisk together sauce mixture. 
  2. Bring the sauce mixture to a boil for 15-20 minutes, stirring every minute or so until it starts to thicken. (You will know it has thickened when you scrape the pan and it pulls away from the pan)
  3. When the sauce thickens, add the rinsed + drained chickpeas into the pot. Stir to coat the chickpeas.
  4. Serve over steamed broccoli or green beans or rice/quinoa. 



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