Brownie truffles are an easy, gluten free treat! Made from brownie mix and a few ingredients – they’re perfect for a lighter, healthy dessert! This post is sponsored by my friends at Bob’s Red Mill.

Healthy Brownie Truffles in a small white bowl on a grey background

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Brownies and truffles are both delicious, but have you ever thought of combining the two? Let me tell you.. it’s delicious.

These lightened up brownie truffles are made with brownie mix to save time, and a few healthier swaps to keep them full of flavor but lower in fat and sugar.

Brownie truffles on a grey background with a bowl of truffles, a bag of brownie mix + chocolate scattered around it.

Why we love these truffles:

Brownie + truffles.. really what’s not to love? All kidding aside, here are some reasons why we love these!

  • Low sugar -At 6g of sugar per truffle, these are the perfect way to mindfully indulge!
  • Gluten/Grain Free – While we don’t have any allergies – these truffles are great if you or someone in your family is gluten/grain free!
  • Easy to make – These truffles are made with Bob’s Red Mill Brownie Mix, which means you can save time and effort in the kitchen!

Let’s make them!

Ingredients for Brownie Truffles:

To make these truffles you’ll need 7 ingredients:

Ingredients for Healthy Brownie Truffles in small white bowls on a grey background

We love Bob’s Red Mill’s Grain Free Brownies. They only have 5 ingredients! Organic Coconut Sugar, Blanched Almond flour, Cassava Flour, Cocoa and Salt

Most brownie mixes have a laundry list of ingredients and are loaded with sugar. These brownies are not only made with great ingredients, but they taste great too! They’re SO fudgy and yummy!

There are substitutions for most of these products listed below in our green substitutions section.

How to make Healthier Brownie Truffles

These brownie truffles do have a few steps, but I promise they’re worth the work! All of the steps are relatively easy, it just takes time!

  1. Mix & bake your brownies. We subbed in applesauce for oil to save some calories! Allow them to cool completely.
  2. Once cooled, form truffle batter by crumbling cooked brownies and mixing yogurt and cream cheese.
  3. Scoop truffle batter into balls and place on parchment lined baking sheet. Freeze for 20 minutes.
  4. After freezing for 20 minutes, melt chocolate and dip truffles into melted chocolate.
  5. Return to parchment lined baking sheet for another 20 minutes until chocolate has firmed up.



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